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Windows 10/11 users can most conveniently install the app directly from the Microsoft Store.

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Independently updated packages with broad hardware support are available in the Snap Store, on Flathub and via ppa:regal/dayon.

Get it from the Snap Store

Otherwise you can download the latest installation packages for your platform from GitHub or SourceForge.

Download Dayon! (active)

Windows: Two installers are available and the installation should be straightforward. One package comes bundled with an OpenJDK 1.8 based JRE and one without. The one with included JRE is for 64bit versions of Windows only.
Since release 1.9 there also exist two separate "quick launch" versions. One for the assistant and one for the assisted part. These two portable versions do not require to be installed. In order to avoid possible problems with user account control in these versions, it is recommended to start the assisted with administrator rights.

Debian, Ubuntu and derivates: So that you don't have to manually keep Dayon! up to date, installing it via ppa:regal/dayon or as a snap is recommended.
PPA: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:regal/dayon, sudo apt-get update and finally sudo apt-get install dayon.
Snap: sudo snap install dayon. Alternatively, you can install downloaded .deb packages by tipping the command sudo dpkg -i dayon*.deb in a terminal.

Linux: either install the independently updated snap app via Snap Store or via sudo snap install dayon
Alternatively, unpack the downloaded .tgz package via tar xzvf. Run the script, located in the target directory. The location of the installed JRE/JDK is going to be detected automatically. It is not bundled in the tgz. If it should for whatever reason fail to do so, then you can set the JAVA_HOME in ( manually. Note that the .tgz packages have only been tested on various Debian and Ubuntu versions.

macOS/OS X: extract the .tgz package to a location of your choice. For more convenience you may want to create an alias for and and copy them to your desktop. (JRE 8 or newer required)
Important: From macOS Catalina and newer, you must explicitly grant the screen capture permission: System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Screen Recording

Change log

Dayon! v12 Adorable Asteroid (April 16th, 2023)

Dayon! v11 Ballsy Beaver (October 31th, 2021)

Dayon! v1.10 Lucky Lobster (March 27th, 2020) *

Dayon! v1.9 Promiscuous Potato (December 11th, 2019) *

Dayon! v1.8 Truganini (May 18th, 2019) *

Dayon! v1.7 Tesler (February 21th, 2019) *

Dayon! v1.6 Solenodon (December 19th, 2018) *

Dayon! v1.5 Pendragon (May 5th, 2017) *

Dayon! v1.4 Skytale (January 3rd, 2017) *

Dayon! v1.3 Phoenix (December 10th, 2016) *

Dayon! v1.2 (January 3rd, 2009) *

Dayon! v1.1 (December 24, 2008) *

Dayon! v1.0 (December 4, 2008)

* Major versions are not compatible between each other

Legacy releases (v1.0 to v1.2) can be downloaded here.